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We like to connect the expertise of

the team and our clients

About Us

The Passion For Innovation Is Our Driver 

The Greening Of  The World Comes

From Developing Countries

For many years  we are working as consultants
and have an eye for advantageous solutions for
our clients. This makes their business more 
                                                                                                                                                 efficient, their marketing more planful and their
communication more structured.

Carbon-free Green Energy

With the growing demand for carbon-free Green
Energy, there are many opportunities for
developing countries and it opens fresh
avenues in daily power generation at
home as well as in trade abroad
Note: The political and economic
map is changing dramatically
in the next three decades.

More About Us


Results are in the center of our work. It matters what our clients wish. It matters to a fully 100%. For the best solutions, we turn everything upside down.


In-depth analysis and full transparency of  project progression and research reduce the overall costs. No hidden costs, no sweet talking.

Business Case

A boutique for you. Being a small ship with a flexible crew of experts, all is in good hands. Whether your finance, investment, research or communication.


We love being cherry pickers, always looking for the best. We think twice before taking a mandate. Our work has to fit our clients.


Even a laptop connects us to the world and your business. Any meetings can be organized, where it suits our clients. Ideas need no offices.