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Solutions only come through analysis, a plan that follows a clear strategy and an outstanding team. assoluta is the team within your team. We support your business with our expertise and a network that connects you. When it comes to Hydrogen as one of the most promising clean-energy carriers, we get the best solutions, companies and state-of-the-art technology for you.  Next to your business our focus is on German technologies, because we believe made in Germany is the best for your company.

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Technology and Resources for Global Leadership

Let’s Talk About Resources

The Dynamic Capabilities Of Sun, Wind And Water

If history is the best teacher, we should understand that technology was always the means to grab continents and empires because two aspects usually supported this view. The technology itself, which left no space for negotiations and power plays by local  leaders, taking sides and uniting against groups and long-term enemies. 

Hydrogen Power And Fuel Cells Are Useless Without Sun Or Wind 

Today, once oppressed countries have a choice and could reach a better deal. Leaders who take their responsibility serious, not repeating the old mistakes can start making the best use of the resources. Yet, technology would still be overwhelming. But: In the twentyfirst century a big portion of geopolitical power is in the hands of those without technology. As long as those have sun, wind and water they provide green energy. 

Resources Have Top Priority

Simply, because the Northern countries created a moloch that cannot be tamed: Energy consuming machines, whether industrial or private plus a need to reduce to Zero Carbon by 2050 are two sides of the same coin and highly controversial. Click the button and learn why Hydrogen Energy is a game changer and European countries are in a weak position when it comes to Zero Carbon. Besides, one must carefully look at the producers. It is not yet clear, who is who, especially there is a lot of pressure from Asian companies who by M&A gain growing influence in European/ German companies.


Let’s Talk About Technology

A Closed Circuit Of Hydrogen Solutions Leads To A Carbon-free Future

Only a closed system, where no more fossile fuel is emitted can stop the change of climate and its consequences. Intermediate steps like power-to-gas are not solving the long-term problems and are ecologically and energetically inefficient, if not contra-productive under certain circumstances. 

Hydrogen: Producing, Using, Storing, Transporting

From energy for any industrial use or private consumption over even cement production to green fuel for future mobility on sea, land or in the air: It is possible and carbon-free with Hydrogen. Click the button below and read the blog, including a breathtaking graphic about the initiative „Westkueste 100“ (West Coast 100) of several Northern German States, with the latest developments in the fight against emissions. 

Modules (Stacks), PEM, HTEL And Fuel Cells. Made In Germany

There are several scenarios. A good example is the company in a developing country that decides to upgrade from diesel generated energy to hydrogen and fuel cells. The investment is large and can only be justified by a strategy that includes different aspects: Stable and economic energy supply. Selling power to the main grid and provide a no-jittering power supply for public use. Establish a nationwide dealership with an exhibition ground (Energy Park) as distributor. Serve international clients by storing and eventually transporting Hydrogen power to their ports of entry.