„Government Easy“: Renovating Social Housing, independent power & heating


Solar Power and Hydrogen technologies (part 1)

Great to hear: When politics have a meaning for the people 

It is usually not our intention to market companies, but in this case we make an exception with the following video. Hans-Olof Nilsson of Nilsson Energy in Sweden explains in simple words why installing of Solar and Hydrogen technology for self-sufficient electrical power and warm water solutions in older buildings is easier than expected. His company brought this futuristic and yet real solution to a social housing project in the the community of Vargada. Also read the article: "Miljösmarta hyreshusmed unik energilösning" ("environmentally smart houses with unique energy solutions") on the homepage of the community of Vargada under Vargada Bostader.


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Nilsson Energy - RE8760 from Ekman Winroth FILM on Vimeo.


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