“Government Easy”: Renovating Social Housing, independent power & heating

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Great to hear: When politics have a meaning for the people  It is usually not our intention to market companies, but in this case we make an exception with the following video. Hans-Olof Nilsson of Nilsson Energy in Sweden explains in simple words why installing of Solar and Hydrogen technology for self-sufficient electrical power and […]


Frightening No 1 Fear of Blackout: Small economies need independent energy reserves

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Hydrogen: Strategies and solutions for production and consumption of electrical power Strategic reserves have to do with precaution and a government that wants to ensure independence and freedom for its citizens. Those actions apply to all states, whether small or gigantic, such as the United States, where energy consumption on the other hand is enormous […]


Affordable and Clean Energy. Are the Sustainable Development Goals a Historic Solution?

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Good Governents should think Zero Carbon Today for a better future of the people tomorrow Poverty Reduction (SDG goal #1) by economic growth is possible, but it needs education and jobs Relying on old technologies or investments in second best technologies is not creating jobs in the long run. It only serves politicians and generates […]


They did it again: German Government postpones National Hydrogen Strategy

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Industry is waiting for H2-decisions by German government As if there was endless time and as if Germany had no problem with its enourmous future supplies of green energy needed to prepare for Zero Carbon of 2050, the government postpones its long-announced National Hydrogen Strategy again. If it will be delivered around Easter 2020 is […]


Without National Government: A County Realises 100% Carbon-free Energy Supply

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Small Communities: Independent, Renewable Energy  It seems to be much easier for communities compared to the government of Germany to reach decisions and put all efforts into ambitious goals. Subsequently, the outlook for the overall goals reads like this: German Government is focusing on 60% renewable energies by 2030 Counties in Germany like Osnabrück aim […]


Switzerland 2020: Hydrogen-Electric Mobility

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Possible Headlines From Switzerland In 2050 Switzerland celebrates 30 successful years of a carbon-free helvetic society and looks into a bright future as Europe’s technological and energy H2 leader. Germany still struggling with political controversies over the best way for its future Zero Carbon targets. Bad News From Germany Ok, it is 2020 and we […]