Affordable and Clean Energy. Are the Sustainable Development Goals a Historic Solution?

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Good Governents should think Zero Carbon Today for a better future of the people tomorrow Poverty Reduction (SDG goal #1) by economic growth is possible, but it needs education and jobs Relying on old technologies or investments in second best technologies is not creating jobs in the long run. It only serves politicians and generates […]


They did it again: German Government postpones National Hydrogen Strategy

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Industry is waiting for H2-decisions by German government As if there was endless time and as if Germany had no problem with its enourmous future supplies of green energy needed to prepare for Zero Carbon of 2050, the government postpones its long-announced National Hydrogen Strategy again. If it will be delivered around Easter 2020 is […]


Energy Independence In Remote Areas With Small 10 Kilowatt Mixed Applications

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European SMEs Create Solutions For Individual Homes The market for solutions in the 10 KW range is under srutiny, since solutions are usually seen in connection with research programs by large-scale companies, governments and in a range of Megawatts or even Gigawatts. Looking deeper into the needs of small housholds, there is Fronius in Austria […]


Video: Facts About Investment In Solar Thermal Systems In Desert Areas

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Experts Discuss Facts Connected To Investment Decisions In Video Dr. Franz Trieb, Project Developer at DLR (German Aerospace Center) Institute of Engineering Thermodynamics and Prof. Harald Lesch, a senior lecturer at the Department of Physics of LMU University, Munich and TV host of scientific program Terra X, discuss in this video technological facts and the […]