Without National Government: A County Realises 100% Carbon-free Energy Supply


Small Communities: Independent, Renewable Energy 

It seems to be much easier for communities compared to the government of Germany to reach decisions and put all efforts into ambitious goals. Subsequently, the outlook for the overall goals reads like this:

  • German Government is focusing on 60% renewable energies by 2030
  • Counties in Germany like Osnabrück aim at 100% electricity by 2030
  • Germany aims at 80% – 95% reduction of CO2 emissions by 2050
  • Osnabrück is very clear about reaching 95% reduction of Greenhouse emissions by 2050

The following video „Osnabrück county produces 80% renewable energy“, which was published in April 2019 by Green Energy Futures from Canada, gives a few insights.

Aces Of Africa and Eastern Europe: Solar Thermal Systems And Water Power

Unlike the County of Osnabrück with its 37 Municipalities, 180 wind turbines, 10000 PV stations and biogas plants, communities in Africa or Eastern Europe cannot rely on those systems. It is important to create a mix of systems that reproduce a steady national power supply. Last but not least, hydrogen storage is providing a commodity for exports to Central Europe. 


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