Bosch: Strengthening Strategic Cooperations


Robert Bosch GmbH And Ceres Power Prepare For B2B And B2C Business

With a very active portfolio management, Bosch is strengthening its strategic cooperations with Ceres Power from the United Kingdom and develops a broad basis for B2B and B2C products in the future. Not long time after the announcement of a cooperation with PowerCell earlier in 2019, Bosch is increasing its stake in Ceres Power to approximately 18 percent, which means a major shift from the initial 3,9 percent in August 2018.

As Dr. Christian Fischer, member of the Bosch management board, underlines on January 22, 2020, „Bosch strongly believes that the highly efficient solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) has an important role to play in energy systems‘ security of supply and flexibility“.

Ceres SteelCell® Technology

Following the market of Hydrogen and Fuel Cell technology, one can observe a highly volatile buying and selling into smaller companies with a specialized technology for niches of the whole future market.


In the case of Ceres Power we understand the unique Ceres SteelCell® technology supports the future potential scale up and mass manufacture, including:

  • small power stations
  • to be used in cities
  • factories
  • data centers
  • and charge points

for electric vehicles with single 10 kW units that could be extended flexible.

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