6 Advantages of Hydrogen and Fuel Cells in Daily Use: Industrial Trucks


Multipurpose applications of Fuel Cell with all kinds of industrial trucks

While politicians still do not find ways how to deal with the needs of environmentally friendly Zero Carbon technologies, daily life and especially the daily life of hard working people wants and offers solutions: It can be as simple as that. All the industrial trucks can be bought today, all kind of brands and competitors try to deliver state-of-the-art, e.g. forklift trucks to warehouses, forwarders, specialized food or pharmaceutical companies, where hygiene ist of greatest imports and a purpose of its own. To name but a few there is Linde Material Handling, STILL Germany, Toyota Material Handling or Fronius International and more who produce, sell and maintain fuel cell industrial trucks.

Fuel cell trucks are superior to battery driven forklifters

We like German products. Please enjoy a video by Linde, explaining a state-of-the-art H2-forklifter


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The advantages to the traditional lead-acid batteries, LP Gas or Diesel are obvious and very clear. Nevertheless, universities and automotive companies are still researching to improve performance of the technology. While with a fleet of more than 20 vehicles the calculations for a company definitely suggest hydrogen driven trucks, for smaller units the costs may still overweigh the bonuses of clean technology.

Here is a list with the 6 biggest advantages of H2 and fuel cells

  • Fuel Cells -  Refilling within three minutes. Batteries need to be charged overnight
  • Lower Costs - Hydrogen prices are falling. No time-consuming battery changes
  • Safe Handling - Healthier since no heavy batteries to lift or contact with acid
  • Longer Lifespan - average service life of 10 000 operating hours
  • Space Efficiency - No charging stations, no battery rooms
  • Environmentally Friendly - Water vapour and heat. Zero Carbon with Green Hydrogen

Fuel Cells make a difference in the life of people

We all play many roles. We are family members, neighbors, colleagues etc. Last, but not least we are customers and sensitive, when it comes to costs and environmental issues. Companies have a great plus in customer relationships when they use fuel cells for their business.