Switzerland 2020: Hydrogen-Electric Mobility

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Possible Headlines From Switzerland In 2050 Switzerland celebrates 30 successful years of a carbon-free helvetic society and looks into a bright future as Europe’s technological and energy H2 leader. Germany still struggling with political controversies over the best way for its future Zero Carbon targets. Bad News From Germany Ok, it is 2020 and we […]


Real World Laboratories

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German Real World Laboratories: Fundamental H2-Research Following a tender by the German government, called “Competition of Ideas”, 20 out of approximately 90 contenders were selected to conduct the practical part of the future research on carbon-neutral energy production in the coming years in what is called Real World Laboratories. Those laboratories distinguish themselves by A […]

H2 From Seawater

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Solution for electrolysis in industrial scale: Seawater instead of Drinking Water Theoretically, it is easy:  Splitting water into H2 and O2 by using solar or wind energy and water is a done in a process that is called electrolysis.  But let us have a look at  the component water. It is not wished or advisable […]

FAQ – What is this?

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Why do we have this newsblog on Hydrogen and Fuel Cells technology? With this blog we try to collect and edit informations, based on international journalistic evaluation of actual developments in Hydrogen/ Fuel Cells with a focus on German companies. List of Content Target groups German To English Translation Contributors Reasoning Netiquette The topics range […]