FAQ – What is this?

Why do we have this newsblog on Hydrogen and Fuel Cells technology?

With this blog we try to collect and edit informations, based on international journalistic evaluation of actual developments in Hydrogen/ Fuel Cells with a focus on German companies.

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The topics range from economic, scientific and financial aspects to technological milestones. Moreover, we try to highlight the impact of the German side to the industry. On the other hand we comment on the growing political impact of the Zero Carbon policy in Europe in connection with the discussion concerning international relations as well as questions of security and supply of energy in the future.

Who are we addressing with this blog?

We try to reach all persons interested in Hydrogen/ Fuel Cells technology. First of all, as a consulting company, assoluta is looking to give quality information to our clients.

We hope to support the process of decision-making for them and for good relations with us, based on trust and understanding of the needs of a successful business cooperation.

Special service for non-German speakers

For English speakers it it is a source of actual developments in German speaking countries and texts. The blog serves as a translation into English and is helpful for decision-makers not familiar with this language.

Who is writing this blog?

I am Peter and a team member. I started writing in the 1980s and whatever comes to my mind is worth considering a few lines. I am editor, writer, photographer and always looking for a good story. But: One cannot do so alone.

The other team members are always contributing, either with their off-records comments or directly with a blog. Also, we are trying to find interesting interview partners, representing „the other view“ or simply their work and the company behind them.

Why am I writing this blog?

I find it is important to shed light on important questions of our future, whether a small picture or the very big picture. Both is interwoven, both has opportunities and threats in a socio-economic sense.

It is important to sensitize the citizens as well as decision-makers and economic leaders for technological improvements and for accompanying effects.

In the distribution of wealth and power on our planet, the hunt for Zero Carbon energy is giving us the chance to go back (or is it forward?) to Zero in the political sense: We have to find new ways to cooperate with each other as nations or continents. The sooner we all realize, the better.

Some netiquette and legal annotations

I will quote, following the framework of German laws, rules and regulations. Although I am trying to stick to the rules, there might be reason for some readers to complain. I am not perfect. I am asking you to send me your complaint and if a text or photo or video is violating any rights or copyrights of somebody, I will immediately remove the critical parts. For more on this, please read our legal notice.

If you are interested in more informations on FAQ issues, please read the FAQ section of this Blog: Augengeradeaus!